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Diversity & Culture Development Training

Your organization’s culture is the foundation to everything you do. The culture you build determines the progress you make toward social justice. Construct the Present provides focused culture development opportunities to meet the needs of your team, department, and business.

Create a Modern, Equitable Workspace

Doing the work to foster a space where equity, diversity, and inclusion are the standard is the right thing to do both personally and professionally.

At Construct the Present, our compassionate and data-driven approach to diversity and culture development will help you and your employees learn and understand the root causes of discrimination, bias, and systemic inequity. Our courses will help you and your employees begin to remove these barriers and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture where all voices are heard and innovation can thrive.

Not sure where to begin?

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DEI Training Courses

Our courses can help you lift up all voices and create a culture of inclusion, equity, and success.


Reach out to book a training course or in-depth keynote/breakout session on specific topics. If you're not sure which is right for you and your team, we offer introductory consultations for guidance on how best we can support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices in your workplace.

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Unpacking Diversity Equity & Inclusion

If your organization is ready to take on the work of building a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion but you’re unsure of where to begin, this seminar is for you. Join us as we unpack the common definitions, systems, and frameworks that can decenter bias and dominant culture and create an inclusive environment where the voices of marginalized identities are heard and celebrated.


Take the first step to understanding the barriers that prevent all perspectives from being heard and take the path to a more inclusive future.

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Understanding White Privilege

White privilege, dominant culture, and the concept of allyship will all be defined and explored in this half-day workshop. Only when we see our own privilege can we openly acknowledge it, share it, and begin to dismantle the systems that support and propagate inequities in the workplace.


This workshop is designed for everyone. Even if you already have an understanding of white privilege, the opportunity to share experiences and connect with others is invaluable to your social justice journey and the social health of your workplace.

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Understanding Identity & Privilege

This transformative workshop is designed to support participants in understanding the impact of race on daily experiences. You and your team can expect to have dialogue about unconscious bias and intersectionality as you hear personal stories from peers in the



You’re guaranteed to leave this training with new tools, perspectives, and frameworks that you didn’t have when you entered the room. These new perspectives will help you bridge gaps in understanding and work toward a more equitable future.

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White Allyship in the Workplace

What does it mean to be a white ally, especially in the workplace? What does it mean to have the support of white allies? What is needed from white people in our communities to move conversations about race forward in a productive and respectful way?


This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to explore their identities, learn to acknowledge different lived experiences without alienating colleagues and supervisors, and move toward positive action in their professional lives. This conversation sets the stage to allow for future discussions about racism, culture, and identity.

Custom Training Topic

CTP has a background in adult learning theory and trauma-informed practice. We utilize both to create custom learning experiences that raise consciousness and deepen connection. Contact us for pricing and scope.

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Keynote/Breakout Sessions

These sessions introduce and explore topics of diversity and inclusion through a personal and in-depth lens. Hearing the stories and perspectives of others can have a profound impact on listeners and can help a broad audience understand experiences that are different from their own and how to actively participate in creating change.

Join us as we explore topics such as:

● White Allyship

● Growing up Bi-Racial: White Mom, Black Woman

● Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Through Gratitude

● The Work Is Never Done: Lessons From a Recovering Teacher

Online Compliance Training

Sometimes employees need a self-driven experience. Construct the Present has partnered with Traliant, a trusted award-winning platform, to bring you On-Demand training that helps you provide education and expertise.


Click the button below and sign up 1-500 employees for 1 or all of our courses offered. If you have any questions please reach out to

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Customized Training to Meet Your Organization’s Challenges

Discrimination, bias, and inequity are widespread, systemic challenges, but their manifestations are deeply personal. The people within your organization have unique experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. Your workplace has its own unique challenges.

That’s why Construct the Present offers customized training options, tailored to meet your specific needs. We will discuss your specific observations and concerns and create a focused training program that addresses them directly.

Construct the Present to Build a More Equitable Future

Are you ready to dive in and work toward the future you want to see in your organization? Our experts are here to help you unpack the root causes of inequity, bias, and discrimination and transform your workplace culture into one where all voices are heard and diversity, inclusion, and equity are celebrated and embedded.

Contact us with questions or to learn more about our consulting and training services.