Culture Development & Training

Culture can be defined as what you allow. If you want to change the culture you have to offer replacement behaviors. Construct The Present provides a variety of culture development opportunities to meet the needs of your team, department and business.

Unpacking Diversity Equity & Inclusion

If your organization is ready to take on the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion but feels apprehensive where to begin, this is the seminar for you. This seminar unpacks common definitions, systems, and frameworks that can de-center dominant culture and create an inclusive environment for marginalized identities.

Facilitating Conversations about Injustice

This training is focused on building internal facilitation capacity for conversations about race, gender, and sexual orientation. Building internal capacity is a key stepin making change stick. Conversations about race, gender, and inequity require a set of special skills including modeling empathy, affirming trauma, and re-framing stereotypes. Your team will experience all (3). Previous facilitation experience is recommended.

Understanding White Privilege

White privilege, dominant culture, and allyship will all be defined and explored in this half-day workshop. Only once we see our privilege can we acknowledge it, share it, and dismantle the systems that support inequities in the workplace. This is a workshop for everyone, even if you have an understanding of white privilege, the opportunity to share experiences and connect with others will be invaluable to your social justice journey.

Bridging to Authentic Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

A powerful, personally transforming workshop designed to support participants in understanding the impact of race on daily experiences. Participants can expect to have dialogue about unconscious bias, intersectionality, and hear personal stories from peers in the workshop. You are guaranteed to leave with tools, perspectives, and frameworks that you did not enter the room with

White Allyship in the Workplace

What does it mean to be a white ally, especially in the workplace? And what does it mean to have the support of white allies? What is needed from white people in our communities to move the conversation about racism—both statewide and nationally—forward in a productive and respectful way? In this workshop, participants will have the chance to explore their identities, learn how to acknowledge different lived experiences without alienating colleagues and supervisors, and move toward action in their professional lives. This conversation will set the table for bringing discussions about racism, white culture, and identity to your conference room, board room, and holiday parties.

Building and Utilizing an Equity Lens

Learn about equity lenses and why your company needs one. Decision making is impacted by unconscious bias and a system is required to surface these biases authentically and honestly. This seminar provides examples and rationale for adopting and implementing a equity lens for internal decision making.