“Look closely at the present you are constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming” - Alice Walker 

At Construct the Present, we are dedicated to helping organizations create equitable, supportive, and inclusive future. 


Who We Are

We are experienced diversity consultants, committed to providing focused consulting and training services to a variety of nonprofits, government agencies, and private-sector companies across our nation who strive to create a better future.  

We believe that the desire for progress is an important step toward actionable change that will transform our organizations, communities, and systems into spaces where all voices and experiences are recognized and respected. We have the expertise, passion, and skills necessary to provide the solutions and support you need to make your organization and community into an equitable space and a leader of change. 

Our Approach to Diversity Consulting and Training 

We understand that real change is not always easy. It takes work, self-reflection, and a willingness to listen to the experiences of others and recognize the systems of oppression that continue to pervade our organizations and communities and lead to inequitable outcomes. 

We follow a compassionate and evidence-based approach, designed to help you and your employees understand the root causes of discrimination and systematic inequity, give voice to historically marginalized communities, and create a more inclusive environment where diversity and innovation come together. 

To make the process of change more smooth and aid in understanding, we utilize: 

  • Our years of expertise 

  • Equity-based fundamentals 

  • Data-driven results  

  • Community engagement essentials 

Build a workspace where all voices and perspectives are heard

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting


We provide a variety of comprehensive, individualized diversity consulting services designed help you identify gaps in understanding and develop actionable solutions: 


  • Introductory consultations 

  • Equity assessment consultations 

  • Employee support consultations 

Diversity & Culture Development Training

Our training courses can help you and your team remove the systematic barriers that exist for marginalized communities and build an inclusive space that strives for equity and success. Examples of our training courses include: 


  • Unpacking Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 

  • Facilitating Conversations about Injustice 

  • Understanding White Privilege 

Current Clients 
Construct The Present is proud to work with the nation's leading nonprofits, government agencies, and private-sector companies to create inclusive cultures. We have the experience, expertise, and passion necessary to deliver the solutions you need. We provide the support your organization needs to make your vision a reality. Our team thinks outside the box and beyond existing structures to find innovative and transformative ways of solving existing and future challenges. Connect with us to join the social justice movement and add your name to our list of community changemakers. 

Listen to our founder speak about what it takes to get communities engaged in social justice work.

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Alexis James: Our Founder and CEO 


A longtime educator and activist dedicated to social justice and empowering marginalized communities, Alexis James currently focuses her activism on leadership development, employer support, and advancing social justice across the nation.  

As a longtime Oregonian, she possesses and shares with all who know her an enduring and unconditional love for the state and a desire to see our communities manifest our dreams of a more inclusive and just future. 

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