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Diversity and Inclusion Consulting


Are you ready for organizational change? Do you want to engage your community by eliminating barriers that exist for people who may be marginalized? Partnering with us gives you the opportunity to work with expert diversity and inclusion consultants to create an equitable and inclusive environment where diverse voices are welcome and ideas and progress can flourish. No cookie cutter blueprint to follow; instead, Construct the Present partners with you so that you discover your own unique justice vision and intelligence through structure, accountability and guidance. 

Deconstruct Prejudice & Build Inclusivity

Recognizing the need for diversity in your organization is an important step. Many employers want to create and foster an inclusive, equitable, and supportive environment, but this can be easier said than done. Identifying gaps in understanding and communication within your own systems and structures can be difficult. That’s where we come in. 

We’re trained to recognize areas in your organization that need improvement and to work with you to identify and unpack the root causes of blind spots and discrimination. We can help you take actionable steps to create a workspace that acknowledges and elevates voices that may have been previously unheard, respects and values all its members, and fosters an environment of productivity and success through inclusion and equity.

Consulting Services to Empower Change

Our consulting strategy is results-driven and designed to provide a comfortable, safe environment that allows you to explore and unpack internal and systemic biases, recognize and uplift diverse and empathetic perspectives, and adopt more equitable and inclusive practices and policies to promote diversity and understanding in your organization.


Introductory Consultation

This initial complimentary 15-minute consultation is designed to facilitate the gateway to a larger discussion. During this meeting, we’ll have the chance to discuss what you’ve observed at your organization. We’ll talk through your needs and concerns, identify skill and communication gaps that may exist, and work toward pinpointing possible solutions to promote teamwork and diversity in your workplace.

Equity Assessment Consultation


The goal of this complimentary consultation is to determine whether an equity assessment is the right next step for your organization. Using a research-focused approach from Coalitions of Communities of Color, we will examine the policies, systems, and structures that exist in your organization in order to recommend changes that steer the focus toward equity, diversity, and inclusion. During this process, it’s recommended that an internal steering committee is formed.

Employee Support Consultation


This consultation package allows supervisors to be trained in a peer-to-peer setting and is designed to address the challenges that many organizations face in diverse teams. In order to manage across differences managers need to be ethical, align their values, empathize with others and have a dedication to equity and inclusion.

Remove Barriers in Your Workspace

Our approach focuses on building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices into your daily business operations. We know that diversity is a natural part of every workplace. The goal is to remove the systematic and structural roadblocks that prevent this diversity from flourishing and contributing to a culture of equity, teamwork, and success. 

By recognizing and uplifting the voices and perspectives of members of your organization who may have previously gone unseen or unheard, you’re creating a better, more supportive, and more productive environment. 

Create a More Inclusive Tomorrow

Are you ready to implement organizational change and promote diversity and inclusivity in your workspace? Our team of empathetic, talented consultants are dedicated to helping you drive real change in your organization. We’re focused on providing a safe, trusted space for you and your team to work on identifying areas needing improvement, unpacking systematic and organizational discrimination, lifting up the voices of the unheard, and fostering an environment of inclusion, acceptance, and success.


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